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"The Math Gap"

This article about "The math gap"  is very tightly packed -- most paragraphs could have had pages written about them.   Lots of references at the end!   Worth taking the time to read through.   It's aimed at "the market"   so it's focused on math training for jobs and careers.    The infographics are good, too.   

Hope it manages to attract funded efforts and using technology to get folks using and understanding math. It made me think on the book _Lower Ed_ which explores how industry and employers have shrugged off the risks & responsibilities of learning to the students' backs. 


Kathy_Tracey's picture

Thanks for sharing this report. It is very insightful. The authors state, "PD needs may be particularly high for advanced math educators, who often have varied level of math teaching expertise, and who may or may not know the importance of contextualization, learner mindset and other crucial factors." I agree that PD is critically important to help shore up the math gap. For our PD providers, what PD strategies do you use to to help teachers build math skills or help advanced math experts develop an understanding of the androgogy needed for effective teaching adults?