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Math Photo of the Day

Hello All! 

I came across this article about a really cool way to engage learners in finding math around them.  It is called the #mathphotoaday challenge.  The instructor creates a calendar with different math prompts and learners photograph and share it.  I think this is a great idea!

Here is a link to the article and to the the twitter feed:


Twitter Feed:

Who will be the first one to do this in their Adult Ed class?



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One hundred

Is anyone planning on doing this activity in the classroom?  Do you think this would be a good way to engage the learners?


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One hundred

Hi Brooke,

We're going to try the math photo lesson idea using Flickr as the place to share our photos.  I also think it could work well on a Facebook group or page.  We're going to be doing a PD training on this in September and we'll keep[ you posted.



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What a great way to integrate Instagram in the classroom!  Limited primarily to images and keyword tags, I was challenged recently to come up with ways it might be used in adult education instruction.  This was not on my list - which mainly focused on language arts and ESL uses  (now to go find my list and re-post it!).

FYI - current statistics say the Instagram is the "cool new hot thing" for youth and young adults - more popular than Twitter for that 16-24 age bracket.