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May 2019 Community Highlights

We had 4 new members join us in the Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes community in May.  Welcome to these new members!  May was a productive month, and I want to highlight some of what we discussed.

There was a panel discussion on research-based trauma-informed practices, and their impacts on adult education and career pathways.  

There was a discussion of a recent journal article on using paper scrolls to teach reading and writing in higher education classrooms.  Members asked questions about how paper scrolls might be used in correctional settings, with ABE and ESL learners.  Dave Middlebrook shared his thoughts and ideas for using this innovative and low-cost strategy in any environment, and with almost any literacy level learner.  Thank you, Dave!

What did you learn from the LINCS Community this month that has helped you think more about your role as an adult educator or partner?


Mike Cruse

Disabilities and Equitable Outcomes Moderator