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Members' Introductions

If you haven't yet, please introduce yourself by replying with a comment to this post. You can do that in any way you like, but here are some possible things to mention:

  • Your name
  • Your role(s) in adult basic skills education, and/or in other types of education
  • Your program and agency/organization/institution and state
  • Your interests in program management-- what you would like to learn, what you would like to share with colleagues here
  • What you are hoping to get from being a member of this CoP

Thanks. We look forward to seeing your introduction.

David J. Rosen

Program Management CoP Moderator


Morgan Winston's picture

Hi,  My name is Morgan Winston.  I am the director of the Ozark Foothills Literacy Project.  We serve Fulton, Sharp, Izard, and Independence counties in Arkansas.  I'm hoping to learn best practices here from other members.  While I have some experience, I'm fairly new to the nonprofit director game. 

Amy Denney's picture

Good afternoon,

My name is Amy Denney, and I have been in the adult education field since 2004. I began as a part-time instructor where I taught ABE/ASE classes and one ESL class. I learned so much from my students and quickly found that teaching adults was my passion. I had worked in special education for a few years prior, but my undergraduate degree is in business. That is where I spent most of my "younger" career. After teaching part-time for one year, there was an opening for a full-time teacher. I interviewed and got the job. It was so exciting to be responsible for a center. I taught classes at all levels and in all subjects, including ESL. Since we were in a rural area, I had to learn to teach a multi-level classroom. There have been many changes to state policies and GED testing, but one thing remains the same. The students are incredible.

After teaching for 13 years, I left my college and became the Education Manager at a workforce development center for youth. Even though my time with them was brief (5 months), I learned a great deal about WIOA. I interviewed and received a position at my former college as the Associate Director of Adult Education. It has been an amazing journey. I hope to learn how to lead a program without being in charge. I want to keep all the part-time faculty and staff motivated, and I want to find innovative and creative ways to engage the learners. I have a great deal of experience in my community because I have served on many boards, including the chamber of commerce.

I look forward to our discussions.


Amy Denney

Pam DeMato's picture

Hi Everyone,

I am a Dyslexia Practitioner by trade.  I began volunteering at my local literacy council and am now the ABE Coordinator and Accommodations Coordinator for our Students with Disabilities HiSET students.

I am looking forward to learning more about running an adult education program from the more experienced people on this list!

Thank you in advance for answering my million questions, LOL.




S Jones's picture

Just start asking :) :)   We can all learn from each other!