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Meritocracy: How should we prepare our students for postsecondary education?


Current events are bringing the idea of meritocracy to the forefront and I hope to have a constructive conversation about how this impacts our adult learners move into postsecondary education and how we need to prepare our students. While the majority of individuals do not resort to college cheating, how do we balance the opportunities for our at risk families?

  • Spending on enrichment programs for children has increased for affluent families but remained the same for middle income families. 
  • Test prep classes and tutors are often made available to more affluent families. 

How do we provide the opportunities for our families to experience these types of support and enrichment programs help both academically and with social / emotional skills such self-confidence and comfort in new experiences? 

And how do we prepare our teachers and support staff to meet this need?

I look forward to the conversation? 

​Kathy Tracey

Tags: Meritocracy