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MLoTs HyperDoc

I created the attached HyperDoc for a professional development training on teaching vocabulary and fluency. Please let me know your thoughts or questions!


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One hundred

Ashly, I loved your colorful format and wish to use a modification of it. You provided a very nice example to share with the educators I work with. I have heard from many educators that they appreciate the wonderful work of others but then they sit in front of a blank screen or even a blank form and have no clue where to start. To that end, I have adapted your format as a sort of template that could guide educators into taking their first steps in this direction. 

Hyperdocs really excel when they can help learners reach the construction synthesis levels of engagement and the Google suite of tools offer so many interesting ways to get learners going at high levels. The template idea may not get many past the first or second level of implementation, but my hope is that if things are easy enough to adopt, there will be energy to refine and improve later :)

Do you or anyone else in the discussion have suggestions for edits or ideas to share about using a template type format effectively to help teachers?

Link to template here

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Here is a basic template that I like to use:



Also, I started a Padlet with some HyperDocs I have done in the past. If anyone wants to add or view, it can be found here:


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Here is a goal-setting HD I made as well. I think I am going to make a few changes to it, but it's a work in progress now.