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Moving students beyond their HSE outside of corrections.


I invite you to read Unlocking Potential: Pathways from Prison to Postsecondary Education  From the report, "What follows are descriptions of how the states Vera selected—Michigan, New Jersey, and North Carolina—implemented, adapted, and innovated to bring higher education to their states’ prisons and communities.These descriptions reveal the extraordinary commitment to change that the prison systems and colleges brought to this collaborative work. The remainder of the report examines what happened in these three states with regard to each component of the model: higher education in prison, continuation of support for degree or certification after release, and outreach to policymakers to build support." 

What are the challenges you face when preparing your learners for post-secondary education? And how do you build career development / career planning in your instruction. I'd love to hear your experiences and ideas. 

Kathy Tracey