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Nebraska AE Conference 2019: Components of Numeracy- Followup questions and resources.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for attending the Nebraska Adult Education "On the Highway to Excellence" Conference October 10, 2019.  In the session "Components of Numeracy: Tools for Engaging Learners in Meaningful Math" we talked about several resources.  I will include some here and continue to add a few more.

Please post any questions or comments you have regarding the session, the resources and or activities you're using in your classroom!

Looking forward to keeping the conversation going!



▪Youtube video on The Importance of Mathematical Practices    (



Additional resources:

▪ Video about the Standards for Mathematical Practice (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). Retrieved from

▪ Article, Designing instruction with the components of numeracy in mind. Focus on Basics, 9(A), 14–20. ). Retrieved from