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New Digital Promise Micro-credentials Website


Digital Promise, in partnership with BloomBoard, has launched a micro-credential platform for educators to recognize their demonstrated competencies in "stacks" (categories) such as:

  • Checking for Understanding (formative assessment)
  • Collaborating
  • Communicating
  • Creative Thinking and Innovating
  • Critical Thinking
  • Data literacy
  • Digital Fluency (it includes micro-credentials for: Analyzing Media Impacts, Choosing Technology Tools, and Evaluating Online Information)
  • Executive Function skills
  • Going Public with Policy and Pedagogy
  • Learner Motivation
  • Learning Practices
  • Learning to Learn
  • Learning to Teach
  • Managing Projects
  • Media Literacy
  • Performance Mindsets (non-cognitive skills such as Grit, Resilience, Self-reliance, Autonomy)
  • Personal Mindsets

and others.  You will find this micro-credentials assessment website here .

Try out one or two of the micro-credentials in a “stack” that interests you, share with us what the experience was like and whether or not you think these credentials might be of interest and useful to other adult educators.

David J. Rosen

Moderator, Technology and Learning, and Program Management CoPs