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*NEW* Federal Resrouces in the LINCS Learner Center - SpaceMath@NASA

Hello fellow math and numeracy practitioners,

I am excited to tell you that there is a *NEW* resource available to us and our learners on LINCS!  It is Space Math @ NASA, it introduces students to the use of mathematics in today's scientific discoveries.    It can be found at:

I have been teaching about x- and y- coordinate planes so I am going to look at incorporating the Challenge 1 (lesson) - Working with Geographic Coordinates so that students can compare and contrast another coordinate system.

If you use a lesson - let us know!  

Keep up the productive struggle!

Brooke Istas,



Kathy_Tracey's picture

Hi Brooke, 

Thanks for sharing this resource! I had time to look through this and loved the puzzles.

What a great way to build critical thinking, tie math skills with science (solor storms) and build reading skills. This site is full of gems like this.