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New Resource: Checklists for Assessing Effective Standards Implementation

Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce a new Supplement to the Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education: Checklists for Assessing Effective Implementation.

This new technical assistance resource is designed for state- and local-program leaders looking to support the effective implementation of state academic content standards. It is posted online at

During a concurrent session at OCTAE’s 2017 State Directors Meeting, we received requests for a resource that state leaders could use to help assess and guide the implementation of high-quality standards at the local and regional levels. This supplement is that resource. It was created by Susan Pimentel, long-time lead on OCTAE’s standards-based reform initiatives and author of the Handbook.

At the heart of this resource are two checklists:

  • One is a State Leadership Checklist. It is designed for state leaders to use as a self-assessment to gauge the effectiveness of their state’s implementation of and support for standards grounded in research.
  • The second checklist is a Program Leadership Checklist. It is designed for use by state- and local-program leaders to help guide standards implementation at local levels. It includes six Sustainability Steps that programs need to take. This second checklist is a tool some state leaders may wish to integrate into their state’s monitoring of local providers.

I hope you and your colleagues find this to be most helpful in supporting and sustaining effective standards implementation.  Please share this information broadly. If you have any questions, please contact me at or 202-245-7755 -- or post your questions and comments to this discussion list.



Ronna G. SpaconeEducation Program Specialist
U.S. Department of Education
Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education