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I am writing here as part of an assignment in a LINCS course.  The question is, "What impact could OER have on my teaching and what could I license."

First, I use OER regularly in my classroom and I suggest OER regularly to teacher I collaborate with or help train. In fact, we are working with a group of people who are building a giant Facebook data center.  Workers from several different contracting companies want English language classes that include work-related vocabulary.  We have found OER that have materials directly related to a variety of fields including the ones we are working with.

For my classroom, I use mobile-friendly free resources to increase my students' access to learning materials.

As far a licensing goes, I did a series of webinars this spring for English Language Learner instructors on implementing online learning tools into their curriculum.

As this was all original material developed by my partner and me, it might be a good idea to license it.  I intend to talk to my partner about it before we begin our fall series. 


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In response to a question in part 10 of module 3 in the course, "Open Your Classroom with Open Educational Resources", the answer is yes.  Yes, my study of OER and OER Commons has changed the way I search for and evaluate resources.   As part of  group that supports instructors and maintains a web of resources, news, training and etc, I am now much more cognizant of the terms of use for resources I find.  Now I can confidently put things on our site without worry that I have used a resource illegally.  Searching for resources for my class or to support other classes or programs, I have a new appreciation of advanced searches and filters. This has and will make me much more efficient in my work.