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One poultry farm; so much math!

For those who haven't heard yet, the current issue of The Change Agent is called "Our Math Stories," and it has all sorts of great personal stories about learners' experiences with math and how they use math in everyday life. With the help of an amazing editorial board (which included people you all know, like Sarah Lonberg-Lew, Donna Curry, Cynthia Bell, Heidi Schuler-Jones, Connie Rivera, and Sadeka Harris), the magazine also includes helpful math activities.

This lesson packet is free online:

You can download the article by a Colorado student who talks about the math he used to start a poultry farm. The article includes (interdisciplinary ELA and math) pre- and post-activities. You can also download a solution sheet, which provides answers as well as more activities. And there is a downloadable Excel spreadsheet, which you can adapt if you need to or use as is -- and share it with students so they can create a projection of income and expenses for the poultry farm.

If you try it in the classroom, please do come back and post about how it went.


Change Agent editor