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ONLINE COURSE: Learning to Achieve Accommodations Discussion Thread

This thread is intended to provide a place for users who have completed the Learning to Achieve: Accommodations course with a space to reflect on the course content. The course content was updated in early 2019 and will be made available in spring 2019. Please stay tuned for the launch of the updated course. 

We hope you enjoyed the Learning to Achieve: Accommodations course. Please use this thread to share:

Of all the concepts and ideas discussed in this course:

  • Which were new to you?
  • Which ideas stood out as most important for you and your practice in supporting adults with LD in your classroom?
  • What are some specific strategies from this course that you feel you can readily incorporate to help your adult students with LD?

What other strategies or resources have you used in providing accommodations for your adult students with LD, and how effective were they?


Pamela Dempsey-O'Connell's picture

The updated L2A Accommodations course has definitely fleshed out the UDL section and has provided more resources throughout the course.  I will be spending time crawling through those resources to better understand what more is available for AE practitioners. 

 As a professional development provider for AE practitioners, I plan to update the various courses I oversee by interjecting the new information. Thank you, Pam DOC