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Online Course: Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom:

***The Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom: Contextualizing Employability Skills for Deeper Learning online course will be available in Fall 2017**

As part of the Workforce Preparation Activities in the Classroom: Contextualizing Employability Skills for Deeper Learning online course, you have reviewed your lesson plans using the Employability Skills Checklist. Now, share your throughts and reflections on the questions below. 

  • Which employability skills are more typically addressed in your lessons?
  • Where do you see gaps and opportunity to embed the practice of employability skills?
  • Do your lessons introduce many employability skills, jumping from one to the next, or do students have a chance to practice the skills in varied activities and develop deeper competency?
  • Can you do more to engage students in identifying these skills, reflecting on their importance and considering their multiple, transferable uses /contexts?

Once you complete the second session, please share your thoughts or respond to other posts on these questions.

  • What overlap do you see in lessons you currently teach?
  • Which skills were not explicitly included in the workplace preparation activities discussed in the course?


Shannon Engel's picture

i like the variety of activities for each lesson which also teach across the content areas.  I like how activities can be easily modified for different levels.  

LSMiller's picture

With having multi-level classrooms, I like how the activities can be modifies for the different levels.  I like taking real life and making a lesson to fit your students' needs.  I believe that helps keep them interested and in the classes.


Nancy Nickerson's picture

The skills that are more addressed in my lesson are the personal qualities.  After reviewing my lessons I see that I could very easily add the employability skills throughout.  Each lesson has a place for the skills, I just need to go through the lesson and denote what they are and how they will be accomplished.  It is interesting looking at the objectives in this way now, and I know that verbalizing this with the students as will as adding them to the objectives will bring deeper thinking and awareness for all of us in the class.  

I will need to be reading to add using technology more and managing resources.  

Michael Cruse's picture

Thanks, Nancy Nickerson, for sharing your responses with us.  What classes are you teaching that you think could easily be connected to the ESF?  We're here to help you think through how to use technology and manage resources.


Mike Cruse

Career Pathways Moderator

Nancy Nickerson's picture

In my lessons, I do a career assessment, a couple of them.  Once the student and I have an idea of a career that is of interest to them, I find vocabulary and news stories, etc to use when teaching the academic subjects.  So, I believe I am on the right path to teaching the adult learner.  It is so important to keep the learning relevant to the adult learner.  It is a plus when they can earn their academic certificates while they are mastering some of the requirements needed for the job of their dreams.