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Peer Review of Writing

Hello colleagues, I believe in the effectiveness of peer review in writing. I want students engaged with one another throughout the process from the beginning when they start brainstorming ideas to having students raise questions about the content of writing to asking them to provide feedback on the mechanics in a classmate's writing. There's a lot to be said about each step in the writing and peer review process.

Here I'm thinking about one of the final steps, peer review of editing. Recently, I heard about an interesting way to engage students in peer review of writing at the editing stage of the process. Instead of having students provide feedback on all aspects of mechancs at once, the idea is to have them look for one thing at a time in rounds. So in the first round, they check punctuation. In the next round, they look for capitalization. In the following, they look for indented paragraphs, etc. The exact order of things to look for can vary, of course. I thought this sounded like an effective way to engage students in peer editing.

Has anyone using an approach like this? If so, how does it work for you? What do members think about this unique way to engage students in peer editing of writing?

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment CoP