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Philadelphia's new Digital Literacy Alliance

Technology and Learning Colleagues,

This Technically Philly article about a new Comcast and Verizon funded digital literacy initiative in Philadelphia may be of interest. It's a short read, and is refreshing news at a time when other funding for digital literacy has dried up. I wonder if Comcast and Verizon are planning Digital Literacy Alliances for other cities. Anyone know?

I am particularly interested in this sentence in the article: "...perhaps the most important difference is that this alliance will get to focus its efforts solely on backing education and skill programs, and not in addition to infrastructure and equipment management as KEYSPOT currently does." That means that this alliance is not, like so many others in the recent past, not primarily about hardware and software, but primarily about education and job skills training in the context of learning digital skills.

Is this digital literacy initiative unique? Is this happening in your city or town? Are you from Philadelphia and, if so, can you tell us more about the Philly Digital Literacy Alliance? After reading the article, what's your take on it?


David J. Rosen, Moderator

Technology and Learning CoP