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The Power of Project-based Learning

Hello colleagues, We know that project-based learning gives us the potential to address a wide range of standards in effective ways. How about a project that allows students to choose a real world project that leads to civic action? Take a look at this video for a great example of such a project, "Preparing Students to Take Action."

What standards do you think the teacher intended to target through this lesson? What standards could be effectively targeted?

While devoting class time to project-based learning may be challenging in adult literacy education, it is possible. I recently heard about a wonderful project conducted by high school equivalency teachers in Arizona. The students first brainstormed and discussed their ideas and decided to focus on the need for a shelter at a nearby bus stop. The students gathered data in the community both inside and outside of the school and then contacted local officials about the problem. Not only did the students enhance a wide range of skills related to reading, writing, and communication, the city actually funded a new bus stop shelter as a result of the students' efforts.

Students can be highly motivated to engage in real world problems where they can actually work toward making a difference while they build critical academic skills. And, yes, this can happen in adult education classrooms, too!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, College and Career Standards CoP