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Is PowerPoint Leaving Us Helpless?

Like many instructors, I often use PP during live-video instruction or to stress important "points" in classroom or other presentations.
I have faced big challenges using PP of late. Those challenges relate to how projectors in different places project slides. Among local programs in my area, if I click on a Web link on a slide, the URL opens right up. I can go between the Internet and my PP show. In two instances, however, the projector I used away from home required that I exit Show mode, refer to the Web site, and then go back to PP to open it in Show again. That really interferes with how smooth the presentation progresses. In a way, it feels like talking with hiccups! 
Does anyone have suggestion as to how instructors can avoid that glitch while using projectors in their classrooms? Yes, I know that Prezi is an option, and I may just start switching to that if I can't find a solution. 
I notice that I'm not the only one facing this issue on my MacBook Pro with PP2016. Others also report the problem
Do others here face similar issues? The site above recommends different approaches, which in my view, don't really support having non-techie instructors deal with the problem. Ideas? Leecy


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Hello Leecy,

  I feel your pain, having to do presentations constantly under varying conditions.  I now use the following strategy:

1) create my presentations in Google Slides, with included videos (YouTube) and web links.  Whenever I can, I log into a computer already connected to a projector in a classroom, hall, etc and play the presentation logged into Google Slides.  Web links come up as new tabs within the same browser, so not an issue with switching: everything is browser based

2) if I cannot use a local computer, and I have internet access on my laptop (connect to WiFi), I use the same Google Slides presentation

3) for situations with NO internet access, I export a Powerpoint file, then import my videos "linked" so they are all local, and create static images on slides for all websites.  This allows me to present without any internet access for any situation.  Also, somehow this works best for Zoom presentations as I can share screen of a smaller Powerpoint window with rest of Zoom controls, no browser stuff up top, and no bandwidth taken up for presentation (everything local) while connecting to Zoom.

This sounds like a lot, but let's face it: Murphy's Law was made for presentations, so we have to be prepared for anything!  I even take my own speaker for audio, sometimes keep a projector in the car!

-- Vinod

Vinod Lobo, Learning Upgrade

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Vinob, you are a real jewel! Your suggestions are perfect, and I'll start using Google slides a lot more to present! (I'll also be taking my own projector with me to present in different places!) I'll have to practice more with #3.  I hope instructors and others who read this will find relief as well! THANKS! Leecy