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Professional Development from AALPD: Evidence of change in teacher practice and student outcomes

Join the AALPD Short session on September 13 at 4 pm EST. Join Dr. Rebecca S. Wagner, the Professional Learning Opportunities Project Director in PA as she presents: Evidence of change in teacher practice and student outcomes.

The PA Department of Education Division of Adult Education’s Professional Learning Opportunity (ProLO) project strives to offer high quality, job-embedded professional learning to adult educators and student support coordinators throughout the state. The ProLO project collects evidence of change in practice and student outcomes in three ways: ProLO project data, agency (program) self-report data, and the Division’s NRS data. This short webinar will discuss how PA collects, reviews and evaluates data to assess the impact of professional learning. Simply click the following link to join.

Discover how PA uses data to impact professional development and then share your insight here to further the conversation. 

Kathy Tracey



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In the most recent webinar from AALPD, they discussed high quality professional development and the approach used in PA. Highlights from the webinar include the following: 

  • Focus on the content (subject matter knowledge) 
  • Focus on active learning (try new practices, observe and reflect, then repeat the new practices)
  • Support collective participation. 

To achieve these goals, PA established professional learning communities with wrap around coaching. Their outcomes led to increased teacher collaboration (including teacher use of technology) increase in number of teacher's implementing standards- aligned classrooms. 

PLCs (Professional Learning Communities) focus on job embedded learning. Check out this article about  PLCs. Have you ever been a member of a PLC? Have you ever created one? I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Kathy Tracey

Note: If you would like the PDF from the AALPD webinar, message me and I'll send it to you.