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Professor Jim Lemoine: How lying to my students helps them to ...

Hello colleagues, I was totally fascinated by a blog I came across recently by Jim Lemoine, Assistant Professor of Organization and Human Resources Department at the University of Buffalo School of Management. Professor Lemoine announces to his college students on day one that he is going to tell them a lie sometime during the semester.

Lemoine explains, "I lie to my students on purpose. I have been doing this for many semesters and, as a result, my conversations with my students, and their debates with each other, have become more respectful and educational."

Respectful dialogue is surely something we could use more of these days!

Intrigued? Check out this blog on Teaching Heterodoxy: How Lying to My Students Helps Them Find Their Voice and Pursue Truth. In what ways do you think this technique might foster critical thinking? Could an adult education teacher incorporate a similar activity? If so, how would we need to adapt it? Your thoughts on this unusual strategy are welcome here!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, Teaching & Learning CoP