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Projects that Integrate Technology and Critical Thinking

Hello colleagues, The College and Career Standards explicitly and thoroughly integrate technology skills and critical thinking. We've discussed previously the value of addressing these aspects of the standards through engaging learners in projects that require critical thinking as well as the use of technology in creative ways. In a recent blog post on Education Leadership, Kent State Professor William Kist presents several ideas for engaging students in projects that engage them in digging deep into global understanding -- a topic that seems especially important in recent days.

Through engaging in projects, students enhance their critical thinking about the role of culture --their own as well as other cultures-- and also use technology in a myriad of purposeful ways. One project described by Kist is the Multimodal Memoir project in which students reflect on how literacy in its various forms, i.e., print, video, audio, cartoons, art, music, theater, etc. has shaped their personal lives. When students from various backgrounds share their projects with the class, learners are encouraged to look for commonalities as well as differences. The ensuing class discussion enhances everyone's cultural understanding.

Take a look at one of of Kist's student's Multimodal Memoir and share your thoughts about this type of project.

Happy New Year, all!

Cheers, Susan Finn Miller

Moderator, College and Career Standards