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Providing Feedback on the LINCS Community

Disabilities in Adult Education Colleagues, 

I would like to learn more about how you use the LINCS Community! Please share your thoughts on the following questions. Your input is much appreciated.

1) Please share some examples of how you are applying what you learn on LINCS.

•       Have peer-to-peer connections through the LINCS platform had an impact on your work?

•       How about specific resources that have been available on the site?

•       Please provide examples or stories so others can understand what has been useful to you and why.

2)  Does participation in the LINCS Community of Practice offer superior or unique value to you, compared to other environments in which you access peer advice or resources for adult educators?  If so, what specific benefits of the LINCS Community of Practice stand out for you and why? 


Mike Cruse

Disabilities in Adult Education Moderator


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In simple terms, please take a few minutes to share your thoughts on these two questions.  You can share them with the community - dialogue is welcome - or directly with me at:  

Your responses will help us to chart the future course of the LINCS Community.  Please share your thoughts with us today!

Mike Cruse

Disabilities in Adult Education Moderator

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Some thoughts on the two questions you posed.

1. Application of Learning: I am always reading the experience of others in the hopes of picking up resources, tools, classroom practices and even extending my educational social network. There are so many talented individuals in our community and although there are a large number that don't "talk" in the community, I have learned who they are and they do respond to emails and private conversations I am told cheeky I have been able to add at least half a dozen professional educators from our community to the various social networks I use when I need ideas, suggestions or opinions. I find it useful when people can share specific experiences they have had in adult education along with their reflections on what worked and what could be modified. Those contributions are so vital to our field and I wish more could contribute. I wonder if people might feel intimidated to post at times in thinking that their experienced may be negatively compared to the experiences of others. I really hope that the fear of judgement is not holding people back, because every experience each of us have is valuable to share with others. We can celebrate our successes and face our challenges as a professional peer group. Very often, that support may not be as easily available in our local programs or areas. As more people continue to get active in the communities, the richer we all become and the more support we can all be in the very challenging and rewarding work we choose to engage in. 

2. I think the audience here in LINCS is unique in my experiences. In the many other venues I poke around in, adult education is often ...well...neglected? Not only do we have active adult educators here with all sorts of successes to share, we have some of the most innovative people and ideas out there right now in our midst. That makes every thread and every discussion a potential gold mine that might enrich my personal efforts in adult education. Sadly, the interface and navigation could politely be said to be ... a bit lacking I guess devil and some of the clunky "features" may prohibit some from contributing. As more and more persist in navigating those challenges to get their voices into the communities, the value and benefits of the LINCS community is strengthened. Are there other venues where we can hit up so many others with passions in adult education? (If so you can pm me so as to not flame this thread) smiley I am hopeful that the many lurkers out there (yes, we can all see you in the lists) can share their voices, experiences (good and bad) to enrich our communities. I do a happy dance every time a new lurker takes that step out of the shadows to share something!

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Thanks for sharing your experiences with us!  I'm open to any and all suggestions for engaging 'lurkers' in our dialogue.  If you have thoughts or suggestions, feel free to post them here, or e-mail me directly at

Mike Cruse