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Providing Space for Learning in PD


I invite you to review the report Exploring Coaching for Powerful Technology Use in Education. The report examines how to provide teachers with time, support, and space to learn how to use technological tools and resources. The report also explores the difference between coaching and mentoring. From the report: 

  • Coaching is most meaningful to teachers when it is content-specific and stimulates collaboration between coaches and teachers in a coaching relationship.
  • Long-term coaching is more impactful than one-shot professional development opportunities because it allows for more responsive coaching and relationship-building between the coach and teacher, in turn having the most impact on the teacher’s practice.
  • Coaching for technology integration should be based in the understanding that technology is in service of specific content and supports developing higher order skills as well as effective teaching practices.

What do you think? How do you incorporate coaching in your program to give teachers time to grow professionally? What are your take-aways from this report?

Kathy Tracey

Tags: Coaching