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Request for Action: Change Agent's Learn It and Teach It on Workplace Safety


Cynthia Zafft (Health Literacy Moderator) and I are looking for instructors and program managers implementing workplace safety curriculum.  

We are asking you to look at this Learn It and Teach It Lesson Packet on Workplace Safety, from The Change Agent.  This lesson is designed to increase reading, math, and presentation skills in the context of materials that explain health and safety laws as well as specific practices that workers – particularly those in environmental services or housekeeping – can use to stay safe on the job.  This lesson plan includes the opportunity for students to teach what they have learned. 

Is this curriculum something you have used, or might be interested in using with learners in the next six months?  Do you have another curriculum that addresses workplace safety?  If you do, please share them with us here, or email us directly.  

We are hoping to offer a special event later this year on workplace safety education, and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)  worker safety training. Is this topic of interest to you, or your learners?  Please let us know!


Mike Cruse, Career Pathways Moderator

Cynthia Zafft, Health Literacy Moderator