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Research-based Recommendations for Digital Learning in Adult Basic Education

In 2014 the Joyce Foundation began a three year study on digital learning to identify which practices and product features might be associated with better outcomes for students and programs. In this webinar, Michael Ormsby, CEO and Dan Griffith, National Sales Manager with Essential Education will examine which features of digital technology as well as instructional practices will lead to significantly better educational outcomes in literacy and numeracy among ABE learners. Against a backdrop of effective blended and distance learning models, the webinar will give adult educators specific tools they can use to accelerate learning and skill acquisition.

Friday, November 17, 2017 1:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time



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Hi Michael, 

Thanks for sharing this information. Could you share a few highlights of the webinar? What types of instructional practices are effective for blended learning? What types of recommendations will you share? We are looking forward your information. 

Kathy Tracey

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Hi Kathy,  Here is a summary of the study that was put together by Digital Promise.  The webinar will talk a bit about the types of programs, Blended and Hybrid Learning and then go into the recommendations from the study as they apply to classroom practices and digital learning technology features.  The webinar is not about our products at Essential Education, but rather how the three year study points to particular features and practices that optimize learning in ABE programs.  The webinar is being sponsored by World Ed's tech group and the IDEAL Consortium.  Jen Vanek will be introducing the presentation.  Let me know if you need more information.  Michael 





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Kathy, here’s more information about the World Ed webinar on Friday, the 17th.  One of the key questions the Joyce Foundation study set out to answer was whether digital learning technology improved learning outcomes in ABE literacy and numeracy programs.  Over a three year period the study examined five different digital learning products at 13 different sites across the country.  The webinar will start with ten core education challenges that adult ed teachers and students face and then look at how classroom practices and digital learning technology addressed these challenges and produced significant learning gains. The goal of the webinar is to give attendees a list of practices they can use to get better learning outcomes in their programs without incurring extra cost and training.

Friday, November 17, 2017 1:00 pm, Eastern Standard Time

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Hi Michael, thank you for sharing this event. I am working with a group of adult basic educators, ESL, and GED instructors that may be interested in attending. We are part of a professional development group called the Illinois Digital Learning Lab. Our focus is on the integration of technology in ABE classrooms and experimenting with different kinds of digital tools to uncover the impacts on student learning. I will share the event registration information with our group.