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Resource: Online Tutorials and Videos from MedlinePlus

Do you have access to a computer lab with your adult students? If so, MedlinePlus can be a nice activity to do. 

MedlinePlus is a health information site from the National Library of Medicine. It has information about a large range of health issues and conditions, prevention behaviors and medical tests and procedures. It's the kind of place where a student could look up even an unusual health topic and learn about it in pretty clear language. 

There are also other formats. Go to the tab called Videos & Cool Tools. There, you'll find:

  1. Interactive Tutorials: These are self-paced slide shows that explain the basics of a certain topic. They can be used in classes if you have a chance to use a computer lab. 
  2. Anatomy Videos: These show how body systems are affected by certain diseases and conditions.
  3. Surgery Videos: These show what happens during certain procedures.

You can create learning activities from them in different ways, beyond just having students go through them. You can print out the transcripts to go over vocabulary, etc. beforehand, or to use for writing or comprehension work. 

Try them and let us know how they worked, and what the students thought about them!


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Since 2011, through an award and grant from the National Network of Libraries of Medicine - New England Region, a group of pharmacy faculty members and the academic librarian from MCPHS University-Worcester have been able to build a mobile computer classroom (comprised of 17" laptop computers) and present a hands-on, 3-lesson series using NIHSeniorHealth: Toolkit for Trainers modules, specifically Module 6 [Introduction to Medline Plus], Module 7 [MedlinePlus Drugs and Supplements], and Module 9 [ Evaluating Health Webites]) at senior centers in Central Massachusetts. For most lessons, we have been assisted by Doctor of Pharmacy students, who also have gone through the lessons. The lesson series has been well-received by older adults. Based on pre- and post-lesson surveys, the lesson series has increased older adults' awareness and actual use of MedlinePlus.

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One hundred

Hi Monina,

What a great idea! What is the reaction of the older adults in using this resource? 

Would this be something that could also support an adult education classroom? I would think this could be a very useful model for a program that does not have access to a computer lab!

Has anyone out there used a mobile classroom to supplement what your program offers?