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Science at COABE 2015

Science teaching Colleagues,

My presentation on Using Science Instructional Videos at the COABE 2015 conference was a big surprise. I expected a maximum of 50 people, and over a hundred showed up! There was standing room (and floor sitting room) only.  It looks like interest in adult education science is rocketing! Also, I met my first full-time adult ed science teacher, Kevin Laughlin. He is an Idaho Master Naturalist, and the Conference Co-Chair for the Mountain Plains Adult Education Association (MPAEA) Annual Conference in 2016. He told me that some of their science presentations at the 2016 conference will be outdoors. What a fabulous idea to do science in nature at a professional development conference. I have been hearing great things about the MPAEA conference for years, and this tops them all!  You can reach Kevin at 

If you want to see the Using Science Instructional Videos slides that I presented at the COABE 2015 conference, check out the new COABE Adult Educator Resources database at You can browse all the resources, or choose those for science, where you will find my slides. 

I wonder what others' experiences with science presentations at COABE were. Let us know!

David J. Rosen