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Is Science Instruction "a Mile Wide and an Inch Deep"?


Nearly 10 years ago, the phrase "a mile wide and an inch deep" relating to curriculum entered our lexicon. Since then, new standards have been introduced .Best practice to broaden our student's experience with, and understanding of, science has been discsussed. 

I'dl like to ask your input - how do you accomplish the following in multi-level classes? and what barriers do you have to implementing 'deep' science instruction?     

  • Guide students through all aspects of science inquiry, where they manage the entire scientific process, make sense of data, and discuss results of experiments. 
  • Build science instruction through incremenetal process - especially in open entry classes. 
  • Activate a student's background knowledge in science? (What do you do when a student has incorrect background knowledge?)
  • How do you implement experiments and modeling in the class? 
  • How do you assess a student's knowledge in science

I'd love to hear how you are providing quality instruction. Your lesson ideas and strategies can help out our colleagues. 

Thanks for sharing. 
Kathy Tracey