Career Pathways, Correctional and Reentry Education, and Integrating Technology Colleagues,

Here's some news from the Adult Literacy XPRIZE November 17 Pulse Newsletter about a jobs, career and career pathways project in two Memphis area prisons and reentry programs.

Based in Memphis, TN, Workbay provides visibility and motivation for local career opportunities and a road map for accessing them. The Workbay app integrates to national job posting feeds with approximately 2 Million job postings daily, which can be curated based on audience and need. Working with Seeding Success and HopeWorks Workbay is helping prisoners and those in re-entry programs improve their literacy skills.  In two Memphis area prisons they are using a version of their app that runs from a server in a backpack (due to restrictions on Internet access) that works offline to deliver work skills and career readiness to learner phones.  Learners are able to explore career pathways and college programs, build a personal portfolio or resume, earn badges, and access job postings. Facilitators inside the prisons and in re-entry programs can access a dashboard where they can see learner activity and award badges for work skills and career readiness. In the near future current participants will re-enter community life and have access online or by phone to the career readiness portfolios that they have developed.  

David J. Rosen