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Shall We Write, 1,2,3?

On a bright cloud of writing shall we fly, 1,2,3? You know the tune!

I was fascinated and delighted to find this announcement (See links) on Twitter this morning. I grew up creating very simple tunes on the piano and then adding words to them. That practice has provided some of my most enjoyable memories through a lifetime. I learned a whole lot about rhyming and expressing myself through rhythms long before rap came to be. CLICK HERE to read the article!   CLICK HERE to try it out. After a short intro, I actually played a tune online using my keyboard! 

What if you had students play with this or similar apps to write words to match tunes? With our emphasis on workplace skills, do we do enough to help our adults appreciate rhythm, rhyming,  and poetry?

Here are a few other tools I discovered. There are probably many more. If you get inspired, share some of your experiences in this regard. Imagine music playing in the background of this thread. :) Leecy

  1. - Lyric Notepad - Write Song Lyrics, Poetry, & Rap
  2. - Songwriting Starts Here Play audio, create projects, write lyrics, find rhymes, record ideas and share with engineers on the fly

  3. - Use these five apps to jot down your ideas, melodies, and lyrics to turn those seeds of inspiration into actual songs. 
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