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Short Math and Science Videos for the classroom


How do interest students in science? Often, student's enter the classroom with potentially limited background in the Science content areas. Often, it's because they don't know how science impacts their daily life. So, how do we get students interested? How do we build their background knowledge?

Ofen, I find that short videosdisplayed in class or short articles can generate conversation and interest. They can be used as a warm-up activity and introduce new concepts. I invite you to view NOVA Education  and How Stuff Works

Which resources can you use in your classroom? How would you use them?

I'd love to hear your thoughts. 

Kathy Tracey




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One hundred

As we look for ways to make science important in the every day life of our students, perhaps you can share information on the 'newly discovered organ', the interstitial. 

What's so fascinating about this discovery is that we are still learning more and more about the human body. Perhaps this can lead to more scientific discoveries about how cancer moves from one organ in the body to another. 

As this story has been making rounds on social media, many of our adult learners may have already been exposed to some information. So, continuing the thoughts from the previous comment, how can you use these types of current events and quick reads to introduce students to science foundations?