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SkillBlox — Build Student-facing Playlists of Standards-aligned OER in Minutes

Hi everyone!! Yesterday, we were excited to announce CrowdED Learning's upcoming launch (Tuesday, 3/24!) of SkillBlox, a completely free platform that allows instructors to search by CCRS learner levels and standards, see what free and open education resources align to those skills (as well as publisher aligned lessons), and select the activities they want to use with their learners. 

You can use SkillBlox to generate standards-aligned playlists of content that can be shared with students, or you can simply use it as a tool to find high-quality resources—including videos, interactive practice, simulations. games, and more—and incorporate these resources into your curriculum however you see fit. Here are a couple of sample SkillBlox I've created just to show what a learner-facing SkillBlox looks like: 

CCRS Level C / TABE Level MGeometry: Properties of Two-Dimensional Figures

CCRS Level D / TABE Level D | Multi-step Equations

Next week, we will begin hosting a series of webinars showing people how incredibly easy it is to find resources, organize them, and share SkillBlox with your learners. You can sign up for these webinars by visiting the SkillBlox info page on the CrowdED Learning website. Given all of the free and open resources within SkillBlox are mobile-friendly, we are hopeful can help you extend an increased range of options to more of your learners.

Image showing standards on the left-hand side and aligned resources on the right-hand side of the SkillBlox interface.

To note: for our Beta release, we currently only have Math resources in SkillBlox...this is partly to focus our efforts and to see how learners and instructors wish to use SkillBlox before adding even more content and functionality. That said, during next week's webinars we will be certain to spend a few minutes to introduce high-quality, standards aligned reading and language resources you can use with learners as well, as we know instructors are clamoring to find quality learning resources they can being sharing with students as soon as possible.