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Some Ingredients of work and career success

Career pathways Colleagues,

Is it strong basic skills, occupational skills or soft skills that lead to career success, or all of these?  Some might add that having "good connections" helps too.

In the article  "Five bosses tell what kind of skills they look for in employees" are the views of five Maine employers, in no particular order, who say that their employees need to have abilities, skills and/or attitudes to:

  • Work hard, have a strong work ethic
  • Build and sustain collaborative relationships
  • Be "great communicators and really astute at trying to understand and listen hard for the different needs and perspectives that all those partners to facilitate, how to shut up and listen, how to feed people’s input and data back to them so they know it was heard"
  • Carry on a conversation
  • Deal with complexity in an industry
  • Think on their feet
  • Attend to detail
  • Show empathy
  • Display "common courtesies" and "good manners"

and have

  • A passion to learn and grow, to get to "another level and another level and another level" within the company

Your thoughts? Does your career pathways curriculum include any of these? Should it?

David J. Rosen