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Student Persistence

I invite you to read the COABE Journal This edition is focused on career pathways. I have yet to dive into the entire publication, but I want to discuss the article, Blending College Preparation and Career Development for Adult Students in New England. 

According the the authors, Sandy Goodman and Silja Kallenbach, they discuss the noncognitive variables and learner persistence. They highlight four personal readiness skills that students need in order to succeed in postsecondary education. These include the following: 

  • Positive self-concept: Demonstrates confidence, strength of character, determination, and independence
  • Realistic self-appraisal: Recognizes and accepts any strengths and deficiencies, especially academic, and works hard at self-development
  • Availability of a strong support person: Seeks and takes advantage of a support network or has someone to turn to for encouragement
  • Preference for long-term goals: Defers gratification, plans ahead, and sets goals

Additionally, research on student persistence further emphasizes the affective needs of learners:  (1)  a sense of belonging and community, (2) clarity of purpose, (3) competence, (3) agency, (4) relevance, and (5) stability.

I invite you to read the article. How do you see these noncognitive variables impacting persistence at your program and how do you help students develop these skills?