I was at the MPAEA 2014 conference this week and was asked by a couple of folks about how they can find examples of Student Success Courses that can be adapted for their programs.

I want to share some course content here that are available as Open Education Resources (OERs). 

1. National Training and Education Resource (NTER) has a Student Success Course that has been developed by Rio Salado College, AZ. You can find the course at https://www.nterlearning.org/web/guest/course-details?cid=2508 (you will need to register at NTER to access the course).  NTER has excellent examples of other courses like pre-college algebra, career pathways courses (like Healthcare IT, Welding etc.)

2. In addition to the above mentioned Student Success Seminar course, OER Commons has a textbook on College Success (LINK), and a well-written pre-college English course (LINK). 

Are there other courses shared on OERs that you have used and would like to share here... 

~ Priyanka Sharma