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Student Success Courses - some OER examples

I was at the MPAEA 2014 conference this week and was asked by a couple of folks about how they can find examples of Student Success Courses that can be adapted for their programs.

I want to share some course content here that are available as Open Education Resources (OERs). 

1. National Training and Education Resource (NTER) has a Student Success Course that has been developed by Rio Salado College, AZ. You can find the course at (you will need to register at NTER to access the course).  NTER has excellent examples of other courses like pre-college algebra, career pathways courses (like Healthcare IT, Welding etc.)

2. In addition to the above mentioned Student Success Seminar course, OER Commons has a textbook on College Success (LINK), and a well-written pre-college English course (LINK). 

Are there other courses shared on OERs that you have used and would like to share here... 

~ Priyanka Sharma