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Survey re: Free CCRS Learning Plan Generation Tool Combining Publisher and Free Resources

Hi everyone!

Almost two months ago, CrowdED Learning posted a discussion announcing our skill directories of free and open educational resources. We are now taking our next step: building a free learning plan generation tool—SkillBlox—designed to help instructors create personalized, CCRS-aligned learning plans for their students that combine both publisher materials and free and open educational resources to provide a wide range of options specific to each learner's skill needs and learning modalities.

To make this work, however, we REALLY want to be sure we hear from educators to be sure we are hitting the mark. We are asking you to please consider taking this 20-25 minute survey to provide feedback—including what publisher and free resources you want to see included.

If you aren't sure you want to commit to a 20-minute survey quite yet, please check out the following:

  • This video that explains who we are, what our mission is, and how the SkillBlox Learning Plan Generator tool will work.
  • This sample learning plan which shows what a learning plan that combines publisher resources (names within are theoretical) and free resources such as Khan Academy, Illustrative Mathematics, Reading Skills for Today's Adults, etc. will look like. (This is also the sample plan used for survey feedback.)

Thank you to any and all help you can provide. Because we want to launch this tool in September, we need all surveys completed by Friday, July 13, 2018. 


PS: I've only posted this to the primary groups to which I currently have access. Please let me know if you'd like me to add to other groups. Also, if you'd like to forward along to folks outside of LINCS (highly encouraged!), here are the links:



Sample Plan:


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One hundred

Thank you for posting information on the outstanding work that you and CrowdED do, Jeff! I hope that many respond to your request for input from educators who will reap great benefits from your resources! Leecy

Leecy Wise, Moderator
Reading and Writing CoP

Alecia Ohm's picture

It looks like there's a great level of detail and variety provided in these learning plans. Such a great benefit, and much easier than searching endlessly through websites/forums for something that could work. Do you have plans to include adult basic education Hyperdocs?

Thanks for compiling and sharing!

Jeff Goumas's picture

Thanks for the question, Alecia.

Out of the gate, we are starting simple with learning plans based on the materials to which instructors & learners have access as well as the materials they might be interested in incorporating. Once we see use cases for how they want to be able to use and customize the learning plans, including perhaps the inclusion of "hyperdoc" based lessons. 

Instructors will have the ability to output in many formats, so they can add, remove, and modify these plans as they see fit. Once we get a solid handle on those types of use cases, we will be building in features for this type of activity to be saved and shared within the platform. 

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Hi Jeff, 

I'm really excited about your project and was hoping for an update.