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Sustaining an Initiative: Standards-Based Education


A few months ago RTI International released the Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education.  It was part of the Promoting College and Career Readiness Standards in Adult Education project under contract to OCTAE.  On page 2, of the handbook the purpose of the book is described.  The handbook was written to help state leaders with the development of reforms that are spread on a large scale and sustained over time.

Susan Pimentel authors the handbook.  She is the Co-Founder of StandardsWork.  Susan has been a lead consultant, content developer, coach, and trainer for the Office of Career and Technical Education initiatives that include Standards-in-Action and Promoting College and Career-Ready Standards in Adult Basic Education.  Ms. Pimentel served as lead writer of the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts & Literacy.

The manual is divided into four sections.  Those sections include:

  1. Preparing for a new initiative and focusing on the climate necessary for success
  2. Developing a clear vision for gathering the necessary support for those that will advocate for the initiative
  3. Determining how the new initiative fits into and connects with the other major policies, programs or professional development
  4. Focusing on replication of the initiative and maintaining that it survives over the long term

Each section of the handbook is organized, in the same way, providing guidance in setting the purpose, timeframe, directions and questions to help assist you in the process. Resource materials are also included which consist of blank templates and the completed models from Kentucky and Montana.

As states continue to move forward in their work with standards the Handbook for Sustaining Standards-Based Education in Adult Education will be an extremely valuable guide and support.  You will be wise to check it out at

Meryl Becker-Prezocki