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TABE 11/12 Reading and Language Changes

A lively discussion has been held in a few of our LINCS communities for several months relating to TABE 11/12. Folks have been commenting on implementation issues along with challenges or benefits of adopting TABE 11/12 as opposed to TABE 9/10. I am not a TABE expert, so I have been learning a lot reading the dialogue on that topic.

In reviewing information posted online and the samples shared to help instructors prepare for TABE 11/12, I wonder what you think about the changes on the test relating to Reading and Language, taken from, as follow:

-->> TABE 11&12 will only have three sections, Reading, Math, and Language. There will not be Spelling, Vocabulary and Language Mechanics like TABE 9&10 has.

-->> TABE 11&12 Literacy - Content stresses the integration and application of instructional skills in contexts meaningful to adult examinees. Literacy is key for adult learners, and TABE 11&12 measures it in these three key types.

  • Foundational Skills
  • Literary Texts
  • Informational Texts

-->> TABE 11&12 Reading - Content reflects mature, life- and work-related situations and highlights overlapping objectives, from word-meaning skills to critical-thinking skills.

-->> TABE 11&12 Language - The goal of adult language instruction is to build communication skills necessary for functioning effectively on the job and in daily life.

What do you think of the changes? Do the samples provided serve as an instructional resource in your practice? Do you think that students should practice the skills stressed on TABE 11/12 or earlier versions in order to show progress in reading, writing, and other language-related skills? Let's talk. I want to learn more! Thanks. Leecy

Leecy Wise
R&W Community of Lifelong Learners!