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Talking Employability Skills with Mountain Plains Adult Educators

Had a wonderful opportunity to attend the Mountain Plains Adult Educator Association Conference in Las Vegas last week as a LINCs trainer, and one of my sessions was "Integrating Employability Skills:  A Framework for All Educators."  We acknowledged the value of employability skills for our students, and took a close look at the Employability Skills Framework.  We know these skills are important, and we know our students need them.  So, how do we balance one more thing on our plate of responsibilities to our students?  As a group, we began taking a close look at how and what we are already teaching in our classrooms so that we can integrate these skills rather than adding "one more thing." We want to offer the session participants (and others who are interested) an opportunity to continue sharing with each other.  So ............. how are you integrating employability skills into your adult ed practice?