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Teachers needed for adult secondary education video review project

Writing teaching colleagues,

I am looking for a handful of adult secondary education writing teachers who teach adults or out-of-school youth, and who are interested in working with other teachers in an online group to review free, online writing instruction videos. The goal is to put together a good list of teacher-reviewed and rated ASE level videos with engaging content and sound practice, a list of annotated videos that could be used by students who need to learn and practice how to write well at the secondary or pre-college level.

The purpose would not be to supplant good writing teaching, but rather to supplement it, to provide opportunities for teachers to have good videos to use in class (if they have access to a computer and multimedia projector, and perhaps to the Internet, in their classroom) but also for students to watch on their own outside class from wherever they might have access to the web, including on smart phones or tablets, or from a computer at home, work, in a library, or elsewhere.

This ASE writing video review project is a volunteer effort. This first part, at least, will not require a great deal of time. The goal might be to review a total of 10 -15 videos. If we have 8 -10 teachers, assuming that each video is reviewed by two people, that would probably require reviewing 2-3 videos each. We would develop a simple-to-use video review form together. Teachers would review the videos on their own. We would use a Google group, Wiggio group or LINCS micro-group for threaded discussion and to share our reviews. If we needed to review a video or talk together in real time we might use a Google Hangout.

One or two of us would assemble the reviews into a document that we would make available to this CoP, and perhaps beyond, a document that we would want to be useful to many adult education writing teachers. My hope is that we would also learn from doing this and develop an efficient process that is replicable, that other teachers might use. All of those who review the minimum number of videos would be listed as co-authors of the document.

If you are interested in this project, and if we get at least six people who want to do this, we’ll begin in May, and continue into the summer. We should have our review document ready by September 1st.

If you want to join this project or if you have questions, please email me at .

David J. Rosen


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Writing colleagues

I have begun to hear from teachers about this project. I hope to hear from everyone who is interested by Monday, May 6th. You may wonder how much work you would be signing on for. Not much really, at least for the first part, and I am only asking for a commitment  for that. You can decide later whether or not to continue. You'll be joining an online work group, meeting other adult secondary ed writing teachers, giving your comments on a draft video review form and, once the form is agreed upon, using it to review between two-four videos. The videos tend to be short, usually from 5 to 30 minutes. Once you watch a video a couple of times, you will complete the review form and send it to me. Some of us (2-3 people, mainly me) will write up the synopses and reviews based on the review forms of videos that are recommended.

That's it. If you do the minimum number of reviews (2 or 3) you will be listed as a co-author and will see the reviews first before the document is disseminated to other writing teachers. This is a volunteer project for everyone involved, including me.

Questions that have emerged:

Q1. Do I have to be teaching an ASE class now to participate?

A. No, but you have to be an ASE (adult seconday education) writing teacher and have some experience teaching ASE (e.g. GED prep,EDP or ADP prep, transition to higher education, or developmental studies).

Q2. Do I have to be a face-to-face teacher, or is online teaching okay?

A. Online ASE writing teaching is fine.

Other questions? Interested? Email me.

David J. Rosen

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Writing teaching colleagues,

We now have eight teachers who are interested in this project to review adult secondary education writing videos, so we will begin soon. If you are interested in joining us, please let me know by Wednesday May 8th. Email me at

David J. Rosen


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Sorry to get into the project late, but I am also interested in reviewing the videos. Let me know how I can help out, etc.



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Reading and Writing Colleagues,

We have over a dozen writing teachers who have been invited to join the ASE Writing Instructional Video Review project, and we have just formed an online work group. We are now introducing ourselves. I will consider additional applicants today -- Wednesday, May 8 -- but today's the deadline.

We hope to develop a writing instruction video review format, to review 12-15 instructional videos, and produce an annotated list of those that pass muster. In September, a link to the list will be distributed here. We have an exciting group of adult education teachers involved in this project. We may send short progress reports to this CoP as we learn more about what's available.

If you are aware of good, free, online instructional writing vides, suitable for adult secondary education students, please send us the web links. Email them to me,  and I'll add the links to our review list.

David J. Rosen