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Teaching with a Disability & Teaching about Disability - COABE conference presentation Tuesday, 02 April

I would like to invite anyone interested in disability or who has a disability to join the discussion tomorrow for a presentation. I am hoping to start connecting disabled adult education teachers and see how our fellow teachers navigate disability. This is the blurb. If you aren't able to make it, that's no problem. Hopefully within the week of the conference I will put up the presentation. Thanks!


Primary Presenter: Lei Lani Michel, Delgado Adult Education Co-Presenter(s): William McGee, Jr.

Professional Development,

Session 7, Tuesday, April 2nd 1:15pm-2:15pm, Galerie 1

Everyone Has a Gift: Teaching with a Disability & Teaching About Disability

This presentation will have two adult education instructors who have disabilities reflect on their experiences and how we can expand options for students with disabilities. They will describe the ways their disability has informed their professional choices. The first speaker will give his story of living with cerebral palsy and how he became the program coordinator. The second speaker will describe what it means to live with congenital heart disease and how it impacted her teaching styles. Both teachers will then offer practices that have helped students apply for accommodations due to disability. This help has increased the success rate of students passing the HiSET®, and we give a data review of our success with this approach. The presentation is intended as a dialogue to increase the awareness of disability at the COABE conference.


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Good luck, Lei Lani Michel !  I hope your presentation is a success, and that you consider sharing your work with us here on LINCS!