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A Tech Question from an ESL Teacher on the ELL-Group- Apps for NOOKS HD for ELLs

Hi ,Technology and Education Group.

I'm the SME for the English Language Learning Community of Practice. The following question was posted on the ELL CoP a few days ago. No response. I'd like to help the member who posted.

Could anyone in this group respond?  I know you are the people who know! Thanks, Miriam

Hello, our organization is currently working on a program improvement project and our goal is to increase technology in the classroom. We have purchased some NOOKS HD that we hope to use with our ESL students in the classroom. We are now in the process of looking for adult ESL apps that would enhance instruction. Does anybody have any suggestions or has experiences using apps in class? (I'd need to know whether they can be run online or off line) or using tablets in some other way. Thank you!