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Technology and Study Skills


In the LINCS Reading and Writing CoP I have just launched what I hope will be a substantive discussion on learning to learn (study) skills  I have also posted some questions there about note-taking that I would also be interested in having your thoughts on:

Which do you think is better; a pen or pencil, or a digital device? Is it faster to take notes on a laptop or tablet, or the old-fashioned way using pen and paper? Which is more effective?  Here's an NPR article about some recent research on that question. Does this resonate with your own experience, or with your students' experience?

Do you teach your students how to take notes? If so, what strategies do you teach? Do any involve using technology?

What problems do your students have when they take notes? How do you know? Do you have a formative assessment strategy for examining how they take notes, and how they may be improving? Do you see ways that technology could help in that kind of assessment? Do you use technology for this kind of formative assessment?


David J. Rosen