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Is there an online glossary of adult basic skills terms?


Someone asked me today if  knew of a glossary of terms in the field of adult basic skills/adult basic education. I do. You'll find one on the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki at

Please share this link with your colleagues and, if you want, add to or suggest changes to improve the glossary.

David J. Rosen


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One hundred

David, that is one long list of very clear definitions. Thanks. I wonder if you and/or others would share some ideas on how to use such a resource. Would it serve as a "dictionary" for those of us working in adult literacy? Would there be any way to use it as a teaching tool? Thanks.

Moderator, Reading and Writing Community

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Hi Leecy, and others,

The ALE Wiki glossary was developed for adult basic skills practitioners (of all kinds) who want a definition to a puzzling term or acronym. The idea was also that if one doesn't find a good definition there for a term, and finds one elsewhere, it -- or a variation of it -- could be added to the glossary. (If it's a quoted definition, the source should be cited.) That's one of the virtues of a wiki, it can easily be updated, by anyone. The "Wikiteers" of course check to be sure that additions make sense, and that spam or graffiti are immediately removed -- this has generally not been a problem on the ALE Wiki.

I would be interested to hear your -- and others' -- ideas about how the glossary might be used as a teaching tool. I suppose it could be a model for a group of students developing their own glossary, for example, of terms unique to their community. If someone does that, let us know! A "maker" project-based learning product like that could certainly raise awareness of the complexity of glossary- or dictionary-making! It would also be a 21st century skill as defined by the U.S. National Technology Plan.

David J. Rosen