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Transition from Jail to Community resource report

The National Institute of Corrections and the Urban Institute released a report that examines lessons learned from the implementation of their Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) initiative across six pilot sites including Denver and Orange County, Calif. The TJC initiative, developed in 2007, is designed to improve transition outcomes for individuals released from jail, including employment retention, reduced homelessness and better health, through collaborative, coordinated partnerships between jails and local communities. Findings from the report, Process and Systems Change Evaluation Findings from the Transition from Jail to Community Initiative, suggest that the TJC model is a promising approach to prisoner reentry with improvements in areas such as increased access to community services. Find this resource at


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One hundred

Hi Donna.  Thanks for the link to this resource.  I work with the Sixth Judicial District in Iowa and they are engaged in discussions looking for ways to evaluate and implement treatment and education programs for individuals re-entering society from the correctional system who come from situations of "social inequity" such as: the foster care system, having dropped out of high school, or having one or both parents involved in the criminal justice system.  It seems like a good compimentary project to the Transition from Jail to Community (TJC) initiative, as it seeks to deal with or "treat" dormant issues that cause individuals to offend in the first place in hopes that dealing with the underlying cause will prevent recidivism.  Both are very interesting and progressive concepts.