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UIS is using Twitter to promote engaging book discussions and professional development

An Urgency of Teachers

UIS is launching our next book study December 1 with a series of essay’s from An Urgency of Teachers: the Work of Critical Digital Pedagogy by Sean Michael Morris and Jesse Stommel.  All are welcome to engage. The goal of the discussion is to discuss the critical pedagogy for the development and implementation of digital technologies built on the framework of equity and community development. Information about participation in the discussion and a reading schedule is linked here    Questions will be posted on @ionUIS on Twitter. 

Follow the book study on Twitter and post to #IONBookStudy #ionUIS #edteach #UrgencyOfTeachers.

Topic Outline

Week 1: December 2- 8, Praxis (Explore the foundations of Critical Digital Pedagogy)
Week 2: December 9-14: Learning Online (Building Online Courses)
Week 3: December 17 - 21: Writing and Reading (Is writing Online a Rebellion?)
Week 4: January 2-  5 - The Hybrid Pedagogy 
Week 5: January 6 - 12 - Action 
Week 6: Wrap up and final steps. 


Kathy_Tracey's picture

Have you ever considered using Twitter to engage peers in discussion? How can this model be replicated for reading selections that are aligned with your specific needs?

How can this strategy engage your colleagues in ongoing professional development? I'd love to hear your thoughts!


Andrea Guerrero's picture

Kathy, I thought I would give a little insight as I have hosted book studies via FB and other internal platforms. I have found Twitter to be the most inclusive and equitable for use, as its free and you don't have to be a member of a particular group or organization other than having a Twitter account to participate. I have found the cap of the number of words someone can tweet to also provide a format that creates deliberate use of words and tone when engaging in a book study. I would love to read how others leverage social media to engage peers in professional development opportunities.