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Update On GED® Graduate Research and Outcomes

By Martin Kehe, VP of Assessment Services at GED Testing Service. Kehe oversees the creation of the GED® test and the professional development training and resources for GED® educators. The following is a portion of his recent column on the InSession blog

Since launching the new GED® program in 2014, GED Testing Service has been planning and conducting research on the outcomes of recent GED® graduates. More than two years have passed since our first test-takers graduated under the new testing program, and now it’s time for an update on the test-taker outcomes data we’ve been tracking.

About GED Testing Service Research

Our research is designed to document two main claims that we make about GED® graduates:  

  1. Their credential provides them the same opportunities available to regular high school graduates, and
  2. That performing at the GED® College Ready and GED® College Ready + Credit levels means that graduates demonstrate skills that show preparedness for credit-bearing work in postsecondary education.  

Our research to look for evidence of these claims is not a one-time proposition. It will continue and evolve over time just like our graduates.

Please click here to finish reading this column on InSession. Thank you!


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One hundred

Thanks for posting this, Jessica.  I also found the following interesting (from the website):

  • About two-thirds of GED® graduates are earning their GED® credential in order to go onto a postsecondary education program.
  • Several studies have confirmed that GED® grads are going on to college, and at higher rates than in the past. One study showed that 54% of respondents had applied to college and 89% of those had already been accepted (2015 Graduate Outcomes Survey).
  • Although 22% of our grads did have to take developmental education courses, 78% were taking credit-bearing courses (2015 Pilot Study).

Do you know how the new passing scores will be factored in to the research data?

Cynthia Zafft

Postsecondary Completion Moderator

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Good afternoon! Martin Kehe recently delivered a presentation about various research efforts at COABE. Here's a link to that PowerPoint presentation. I hope this helps!

Research about the GED program will continue. 

Thanks for asking,