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Using truespel phonetics for English pronunciation

Truespel is a free phonetic resource based on phonics that can replace the IPA for US English pronunciation.  It can be learned in an hour by literate folks using tutorials at and using the free two-way converter there.  Once they master the pronunciation of each of the 40 sounds of US English (and a stress and glottal stop rule), ELL's can say any word correctly when reading truespel phonetics.  They can write what they hear as well.  The science behind truespel is here .  It is being used clinically in US for speech improvement.  Teachers will be interested in the phonic analyses at  


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Thomas, thanks so much for joining us in these discussions. Your voice is enthusiastically welcomed! 

So that others might benefit even more from the information and links that you posted on phonics instruction/pronunciation, I wonder if you might consider copying and pasting this post  into another lively discussion that is currently taking place on the topic:  Struggling Readers/Phonics - Graded Readers

Issues of phonics instructions are dear to my heart. Thanks for the great resources and for jumping in to help us dialogue on the topic! Welcome! Leecy