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The Value of Revision

Hello friends, On a recent vocabulary quiz, two students in my class --for whatever reason-- did not do very well. I had just come across Jennifer Davis Bowman's blog about do-overs While we in adult education do not give grades as Bowman does, she makes some excellent points about the potential value of revision. Bowman says we teachers can emphasize that revision is actually a typical part of life. She suggests "identifying real-life examples of revision (such as remaking movies or remixing songs)" to help students understand that point.

So ... when I handed back the quizzes that day, I told the class that if anyone wanted to do the quiz over, that would be fine. One student took advantage of the opportunity. I am certain that the do-over was a useful learning experience for that student.

What stands out for you in Jennifer Davis Bowman's piece? Do you make revision part of your practice?

Cheers, Susan

Moderator, Assessment CoP